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Cell Phone GPS

Download Free Online-GPS App for iPhone

Free GPS fleet monitoring app for OnlineGps clients. This application allows for quick and easy overview of the most important data about your car fleet. This iPhone app is an…
Compass One
Cell Phone GPS

Download Free Compass One for Windows Phone

The built-in compass works just like the magnetic needle compass and lets you know which way you are facing. Features: 8 compass themes 20 different theme wallpapers Wallpaper can be…
Friend & Family Locator
Cell Phone GPS

Download Free Friend & Family Locator for Android GPS tracker to track a cell phone of one or more contacts by phone number: The contacts must have installed the app, too. Through the app you can…
Online GPS - UGT
Cell Phone GPS

Download Free Online GPS – UGT for iPhone

Online GPS Tracker application tracks the vehicles and devices which support GPS using this platform. The Online GPS Tracker allows you to know the location of your vehicles or assets…
My Speed Free
Cell Phone GPS

Download My Speed Free App for Windows Phone

Speedometer application to show your current speed, average speed, distance travelled and more. Includes HUD, analogue and digital gauge, dashcam view and graph for data visualization. Take screenshots with speed…
Cell Phone GPS

Download Free OneX GPS App for iPhone

GPS Tracking System Designed for small or large operations, The OneX GPS tracking system will ensure you always have business critical information at hand, whether you have one or one…
Street Maps
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Download Free Street Maps for Android

All the Streets of the World Maps * Compass * Navigation * GPS 3 MB Taxi drivers, couriers, transport companies, travel agents, drivers, pedestrians, tourists, thieves, policemen, people on the…
NMEA gpsRecorder
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Download Free NMEA GPSRecorder for iPhone

NMEA gpsRecorder is a program that allows you to record, at predetermined time intervals, your GPS position and to save the data, in a NMEA-0183 compatible format (record types GGA…
Cell Phone GPS

Download Free NMEA GPS App for iPhone

NMEA client and server. Read GPS Data from core location ( or through direct connection for supported GPS, currently DUAL XGPS150 / 160 are supported ) and forward to other…