Geotagging – Another Technological Revolution


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Geotagging is the process of entering geography-related data such as latitude and longitudes coordinates to media such as photographs, website, video etc. Along with latitude and longitude information, one can also add altitude, name of place, accuracy data etc. It helps users find a variety of information which is location-specific in nature.  
For instance, if one wants to find pictures of a specific location and one knows its geographical identification metadata i.e. if one possesses the information of its latitude and longitude coordinates; one can easily obtain images of that location with the help of Geotagging. Similarly, location based news can also be searched.

Geotagging and GPS
Geotagging requires data to be fed. The data, geographical coordinates, is obtained through the global positioning system. The more accurate is the position information provided by the global positioning information, more is the precision derived from Geotagging. As it is known, all locations on the earth span from 180 degree east to 180 degree west along the equator and 90 degree north to 90 degree south.

However, if one does not possess a global positioning device one can also take help of web based mapping systems.

Geoblogging: Wonderful Use of Geotagging
Geoblogging is a process of entering specific geographical information to blogs with the help of geotags. Tagged blogging has become popular with the increase in the progression of Global Positioning System technology and online applications.

Geotagging Webpages
Ideal for retail and tourism sites, web pages can benefit a lot from Geotags. If one’s website is tagged, the customers will be in a better position to find the website. Earlier you your websites, the better it is, since it will have higher chances to get a good rank in geo tagged search engines, an edge over one’s competitors.

Retail and tourism site people can connect with their customers who broadcast their locations. Some new sites have come up that can track the locations of the customers.

Privacy and Geotags: A Debate Still On
With Geotags one gives other a chance to find one’s location. Recently, concerns have been raised that technology like Geotagging is a threat to privacy. The data regarding ones location gets recorded without any information to the data owner. But, such threats can be easily mitigated. One does not need to be very specific about the data regarding one’s house or office. Smart phones today are making Geotagging a simple task.

There is more to come up in this field. Just wait and watch!